"Marathon” tools with a license for precision

Consistently high quality and maximum flexibility aren’t only key features in mould making. Maintaining maximum efficiency means you have to use high performance, high-end tools. Because once you have these, you are ready to take the next step: low manpower, automated production. Unthinkable?


Precision trio inspires innovation together through successful partnership: 

Quality, reproducibility, and delivery times guaranteed

High precision HSC machining in mold making for medical technology: Excellent results in graphite, copper and hardened steels.

The production of injection molds for medical technology is increasingly in focus due to the current situation. Globally, the demand for medical products is growing rapidly. On top of increasing production capacities, special attention is also being paid to tolerances and surface finishes. 

IGUANA micro-tool scales Germany’s tallest building (again and again and again)

IGUANA MILLING CHALLENGE - Challenge accepted – still sharp!

At the end of 2021, Zecha Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH and AlienTools GmbH went live for the first time in their histories to find the following out: “How long can our IGUANA tool run?“

ZECHA wins State Innovation Award 2021 with innovative IGUANA technology

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor, and Housing annually awards the Innovation Prize of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg (Dr. Rudolf Eberle Prize) for special innovative achievements by medium-sized companies. 

QUEEN BEE – Reliable machining of steels up to 58 HRC, titanium, stainless steel alloys and special materials

Dependable, efficient, QUEEN BEE: With this new tool family, ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH has taken a major step towards process reliability. With adapted flute and micro geometries for good chip removal and cutting free from vibrations, the machining of titanium, stainless steel alloys, and special materials up to 2,200 N/mm2 as well as the pre-milling of soft steel components up to 58 HRC with the highest service life and maximum precision become reality.


From lettering milled hair to micro-slitting cutter

Tool manufacturer ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH has shown just how far precision can be taken with lettering milled into a human hair. ZECHA’s sensational 10 micron milling cutter caught the attention of Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG in their search to find a unique solution for a special application. In any case, precision is getting to be a substantive issue in the future of communication, information and security.

Partnership-based knowledge advantage in tool and mould making

Competition in the tool and mould making industry is strong. This makes valuable partnerships all the more important, especially for medium-sized companies. Whether dealers, suppliers, or customers – all sides benefit from mutual support. Three companies from Pforzheim and the Enz district – Hermann Hauff GmbH & Co. KG, ProForm GmbH, and ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH – live this cooperation every day in a coordinated process for the production of plastic injection moulded parts.

World Bee Day 2021

As part of our commitment to environmental protection and species conservation with the beeswe.love project, the focus is on our own bee colony. Their importance as part of a complex ecosystem is particularly close to our hearts.

ZECHAshop UPDATE: Convenient, informative, flexible

User-friendly functions and a comprehensive additional offer of tool data

It has been two and a half years since the online shop of ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH was launched. Two and a half years of confirmation for a webshop in the field of precision micro cutting, stamping, and shaping tools. Two and a half years to gain experience, plan extensions, and complete optimizations – all with the aim of providing an intuitive, user-friendly ordering and (technical?) service platform.

SEAGULL® Milling cutters – the ultimate benchmark in graphite machining

Milling of graphite and other hard-brittle non-ferrous materials presents a special challenge due to exceptional characteristics. Nevertheless, graphite material is an established element in tool and mould making, as well as in medical technology, and has become indispensable.

Steadfast with cool precision– The new 455 series with internal and coolant channels in shank

Fast, accurate, and water-loving – these attributes aptly describe both the kingfisher bird and ZECHA’s new KINGFISHER line of tools. Based on the existing 455 series, the KINGFISHER line was developed especially for processing difficult-to-machine materials in the medical technology sector, where there is an interplay of new solid carbide substrate, innovative cooling systems, and a more stable basic geometry

IGUANA with helix and shaft cooling system 931

ZECHA’s IGUANA line of mill cutters in diverse application-specific versions is known for its specific processing of the cutting edges by means of laser technology (R = 1μm) and special cutting geometry that significantly reduce cutting forces during use.


The current humanitarian and economic situation as well as the uncertain further developments occasioned by the new respiratory virus SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19, is also a matter of concern for ZECHA.

The highest possible precision– Logo milled into a hair

The precision requirements made on tools rise almost on a daily basis – the need is for even higher tool service lives, even higher precision and even better surface qualities.

Precision Tools: Stefan Zecha new Chairman VDMA Präzisionswerkzeuge

Stefan Zecha was elected chairman of the VDMA Precision Tools Association at its general meeting at Tegernsee. Gerhard Knienieder became Deputy Chairman.

ZECHA is expanding: ZECHA PRECISION TOOLS LIMITED as new sales and production site in India

For 55 years ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH has been synonymous for precision and quality in micro-machining, blanking and forming tools spanning a vast range of sectors.

Exceedingly interesting and highly success - our professional exchange trip

Embracing the motto "working better together" our management team decided to take us on a professional exchange event on 17th/18th May 2019 to Plaffeien in Switzerland, in fact, Schwarzsee to be precise.

IGUANA – the evolution in the diamond coating of mill cutters

ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH has always been involved in the development of micro-precision tools of the highest level. The high-end mill cutter line IGUANA sees it making an evolutionary step in the diamond coated hard metal tool segment.

Varied, versatile, PEACOCK: The hard milling tool family

Whe tried-and-tested PEACOCK mill cutters from ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH are the go-to tools for achieving fine contours in the HSC processing of highly alloyed and hardened steel up to 67 HRC.


The key to a flexible, simple and swift ordering process.

More possibilities, more overview, more ZECHA: ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH has broadened its customer service by adding its very own web shop aimed at providing improved support to customers in the optimisation of their processes and at facilitating perfect order placement.