Steadfast with cool precision– The new 455 series with internal and coolant channels in shank

Fast, accurate, and water-loving – these attributes aptly describe both the kingfisher bird and ZECHA’s new KINGFISHER line of tools. Based on the existing 455 series, the KINGFISHER line was developed especially for processing difficult-to-machine materials in the medical technology sector, where there is an interplay of new solid carbide substrate, innovative cooling systems, and a more stable basic geometry

Paired with the latest WAD coating technology, these new tools can master all challenges steadfastly and precisely.

The new tool line is available in diameters ranging from 0.2 to 12.0 mm. The coolant channels in shank system (SC), in which coolant within the machining and effective diameter of the tool exits out through many cylindrical bores in the tool, is available for tools with an effective diameter up to and including 6 mm. Because of their size, tools with a larger diameter than 6 mm demonstrate greater basic stability, and the internal cooling system (IC) combined with the power chamber is used. In this system, coolant is fed into the core area of the tool to near the tip of the tool and exits directly into the chip chamber through one or more y-shaped bores. In addition, the power chamber in the machining area of the shank tool significantly increases coolant throughput. With a focus on details, tool lengths adapted to conventional machining systems, polished cutting edges, and improvement of the cutting-edge roughness ensure a streamlined and stable basic geometry. Particularly materials such as titanium place special demands on the tool due to their characteristics.

The KINGFISHER technologies counteract the high shear force and cutting wear during machining and provide the ideal solution for the heat generated as a result. Irrespective of the material, all tools in the 455 series can also be employed dry, with air, or minimum lubrication.

The existing 455 line has been expanded by five new series, all designed for ideal achievement of a cooled cut directly on the flute. This significantly improves chip removal performance and reduces tool wear while delivering better surface qualities – and thus a solution for difficult-to-machine materials in the medical technology sector. 

For machining of titanium, stainless steel, nonferrous and precious metals, ZECHA’s extensive 455.B3 line of cutters in special versions for super and special alloys have proven effective. Their easy cutting geometries, combined with optimized chip chambers and exactly centered flutes, produce excellent results in terms of dimensional and geometric accuracy and surface quality. With or without coating, the three-flute cutters can be used for both dry and wet machining, roughing, pre-finishing, and finishing.

The 455S.B3 line also features three-flute ball nose end mills with the new innovative internal and coolant channels in shank and are ideally suited for roughing and finishing of contoured parts such as bone plates.

The 455.F3, 455.T4, and 455.F5 series are multi-flute end mills with protective chamfer and corner radius, which can be used in various machining strategies such as HPC, trochoidal, and in some cases even HSC. These tools are perfectly suited for roughing of components and micro-finishing. The relevant microgeometry is coordinated with the design of the tool – e.g., ball nose, end, or torus mill, and the tool dimensions. With technologies such as variable helix, variable pitch, reinforced core, and optimized chip space for chip management, the best possible stability and quiet cutting behavior are achieved. All the tools have very good balance quality to prevent generation of additional vibration.

The 455.T2 series is ideally suited for producing pockets or bores, such as in circular milling.  Compared to drilling, the operation is not bound by shape or size and is independent of position – even in inclined approaches.

The KINGFISHER line opens the door to a new machining world of difficult-to-machine materials and offers varied applications. Further developments of the solid carbide mill cutters with internal or coolant channels in shank are already under development in ZECHA’s in-house research and development department.  

ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH

ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH has been a pioneer and trendsetter in the field of micro cutting, blanking and forming tools for almost 60 years. The company can trace its origins back to the chronograph industry – which probably explains the uncompromising commitment to manufacturing not only miniature tools of the highest precision but also customized tool solutions.

Precision and quality are key features for international application in different industries, such as medical and dental technology, chronograph or automotive industry or in the mould making field. Experts in the company’s own technology department are constantly developing, also in collaboration with universities, groundbreaking geometries and tools for sophisticated applications and cutting-edge materials.

In addition, tool reproducibility is also guaranteed even for years by an identification number engraved on the end of the shaft of every tool.

Modern CNC machines, high-end measuring and testing technologies, and carefully selected hard metals of leading manufacturers, as well as an intensive cooperation with our customers and partners, ensure the exceptional perfection of our tools.

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