IGUANA with helix and shaft cooling system 931

ZECHA’s IGUANA line of mill cutters in diverse application-specific versions is known for its specific processing of the cutting edges by means of laser technology (R = 1μm) and special cutting geometry that significantly reduce cutting forces during use.

This results in a lower machining temperature and improved geometrical accuracy. These optimized tool geometries, combined with a sharp and sealed diamond coating, lead to a considerable increase in service life.

In addition, the clusterless tool flutes result in improved surface quality compared to conventional diamond coated tools and provide another benefit in laser processing.

The latest innovation in the IGUANA line combines the special characteristics of the three previous series 912, 918, and 930: torus mill cutters in the 0.5 to 4 mm diameter range with fully sharpened cutting edge, special shaft cooling solution, and spiralization. Compared to series 912 or 930, the new series 931 cutters are more stable, thanks to the shortened design of the basic cutting-edge body and the short flute, to meet the requirements of component production with respect to surface quality and process reliability.

As a main attribute, the sealed high-performance diamond coating in this latest evolution features dual-sided laser-post processing at the relief angle and the cutting face and helix characteristics to allow a softer cut and cleaner circumferential machining. Thanks to laser-processing, this manufacturing process transmits sharp cutting edges, previously achieved with soldered CVD tools, on multi-fluted CVD coated carbide tools without affecting the hardness and strength of the diamond coat and is thus unique in the micro-precision tools sector. High feeds can be achieved in dry and wet machining with the new high-end carbide torus end mills with helix and shaft cooling system: chips are removed optimally from the shear zone with this tool design to reach lower temperature.

ZECHA’s line of mill cutters achieves significantly longer operation times and do no longer  require additional tools, which frees up tool spaces for other applications on the machine. The enormous potential of IGUANA tools opens new opportunities for high profitability and maximum productivity. 

ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH

ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH has been a pioneer and trendsetter in the field of micro cutting, blanking and forming tools for almost 60 years. The company can trace its origins back to the chronograph industry – which probably explains the uncompromising commitment to manufacturing not only miniature tools of the highest precision but also customized tool solutions.

Precision and quality are key features for international application in different industries, such as medical and dental technology, chronograph or automotive industry or in the mould making field. Experts in the company’s own technology department are constantly developing, also in collaboration with universities, groundbreaking geometries and tools for sophisticated applications and cutting-edge materials.

In addition, tool reproducibility is also guaranteed even for years by an identification number engraved on the end of the shaft of every tool.

Modern CNC machines, high-end measuring and testing technologies, and carefully selected hard metals of leading manufacturers, as well as an intensive cooperation with our customers and partners, ensure the exceptional perfection of our tools.


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