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ZECHA offers variety in minute diameters –
ZECHA supplies tools from 0,03 mm from stock

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Standard Tools

Micro cutting tools with µ-tolerances

Our customers need to solve demanding machining tasks with minimum diameters and µ-tolerances on a daily basis. Yet, the requirement for increasingly smaller components also makes high demands on the milling tools employed.

Their manufacture calls for the highest level of competence as geometries of tools of normal size cannot simply be scaled down to the micro level. When using milling cutters with diameters of a few tenths of millimetres completely different machining conditions pertain than with conventional dimensions.

Qualitäty and Experience 

The experience gained over 50 years of company history and the quality mission of each of our workers provides ZECHA customers with a complete package of performance and quality of the highest precision.

An extensive ZECHA range of milling, drilling, grinding and sawing tools can be provided from stock and gives our customers a multitude of high-end production aids within the shortest possible time. Minimum tolerances in a concentricity of 3 µm as well as geometric accuracy and diameter of each 5 µm are the world we work in and can be delivered from stock.

 Zecha Catalogue Products at the Online-Shop

Please note. All tools can also be delivered at short notice in interim and special dimensions as desired.


Special Tools

Your Questionnaire for Special Tools   

If even more special and tricky tasks need to be solved, ZECHA develops special solutions that are tailor made to the respective application and can be replicated many years afterwards.

Questionnaire Special Tools Drills  

Questionnaire Special Tools Mills 

Fill in inquiry form by online, record and send us per mail/fax together with drawing or draft


Contact us  

Have we sparked your interest in our tools or perhaps you would like individual consultation? – Gladly! We look forward to hearing from you!

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