The key to a flexible, simple and swift ordering process.

More possibilities, more overview, more ZECHA: ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH has broadened its customer service by adding its very own web shop aimed at providing improved support to customers in the optimisation of their processes and at facilitating perfect order placement.  

The user-friendly and transparent ZECHAshop now makes the task of procuring tools even easier. Since late September 2018 all standard articles in the ZECHA range have been available for order on the and the site comes with some innovative functions.

Focus: Simplification for the customer

In the shop development, great emphasis was placed on finding a customer-orientated and utilitarian solution that simplifies day-to-day work for the person ordering by providing some beneficial functions.
The display of customer-specific conditions and the facility to create a customer account for several orderers prevents duplicate orders and at the same time increases transparency and trackability. All orders, irrespective of whether they are placed by phone, by email or via the Online Shop and regardless of who within the company has placed the order, can be viewed in the company order history.
The display of article availability also simplifies manufacturing process planning for the customer.

Optimised order process

Thanks to the cart-save or the cart-upload function (.csv-files) articles that are frequently ordered can be generated and preferred products stored for repeat orders. The article number fast-entry function also ensures swift filling of the cart.
A direct link to the ZECHA cutting data calculator enables the customer to view machine and tool parameters to obtain an ideal tool deployment. There is also the additional add-on function which allows the DXF files for the article to be downloaded.

Intelligent search function

In order to find the optimal tool for the specific application from the multitude of tools available, a clever tool finder helps the user to choose the right tool for the job. The tool finder is dynamic and adapts to the set filter options so that only those tools are displayed that are actually relevant. This enables tools to be easily found, compared or alternatives sought.

And this is how it works:

The customer must log-in before enjoying complete functionality offered by the ZECHAshop including customer conditions, cutting data calculator, cart saving etc.. Once the registration form has been filled in and an internal check and release effected, the customer receives his own personal webshop access - and thus the key to a flexible, simple and swift ordering process:

 Startseite ZECHAshop

Figure 1: Start page ZECHAshop with main categories and tool finder


Werkzeugfinder Beispiel Ergebnis ZECHAshop

Figure 2: A filter enables easy search and comparison to find the ideal tool 


Seriendetailansicht ZECHAshop

Figure 3: Series overview with all the relevant technical details and article dimensions


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