quotesZECHA has been for over half a century  

  Pioneer and Trendsetter

in the field of micro cutting, blanking and forming tools.quotes

About Zecha

ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH in Germany is an owner-managed micro tool producer since 1964 which has always stood for the highest precision and quality in the field of micro cutting, blanking and forming tools. ZECHA is constantly developing itself and its products to provide ideal customer solutions and open new possibilities for economically machining materials that are difficult to cut.

ZECHA PRECISION TOOLS LIMITED in India (previously Dagger Master Tool Industries Limited established 1980) is an indo german Cooperation with ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH since 1999. Together the group has over 80 years of manufacturing expertise in round micro tools for milling and drilling. With over 250 associates and the latest generation CNC multi- axis grinding machines, highly sophisticated quality control and leading edge innovation, your precision and consistency is guaranteed. Our focus on R&D pushes us to the forefront of micro cutting tool technologies and applications.

ZECHA PRECISION TOOLS LIMITED is a production and trading company specialised in producing tungsten carbide micro tools and represents leading Swiss & German precision machine accessories brands in India. As a leading supplier to the micro machining industry, our principal role is to offer a combined comprehensive service and product portfolio for standard and special solutions. Sales offices in Aurangabad, Pune and Mumbai and a strong distribution network support our customers with a full range of micro machining solutions.

Our high precision and high-performance Carbide drilling and milling tools ensure quality and productivity in various sectors, such as the die and mould industry, watch and jewellery industry, automotive and fuel injection, avionics and aerospace technologies, medical devices and traumatology, electronics and optics, writing instruments and many others. We are committed to provide you with proven and innovative cutting tool solutions and optimize your process to establish long term partnerships based on quality you can trust to run your production process with absolute confidence. 

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ZECHA aims to find the best possible solution for every application, material and dimension, however Minute.
With tools that have been optimised for precision, durability and Quality. And with individual customer care.
The implementation is founded and focused on firmly established values.




We are trustworthy partners. We listen to our customers, partners and staff. We care. And we support everybody at any time. To ensure our long-term working relationship.
Technical knowledge

Technical knowledge

We know what we are about. We are proud of our roots. And we share this knowledge. So that our knowledge continues.


We always want to do a good job. We want to develop further. And continue to learn. To assure the future.


We keep up with the times. We are keen to learn new things. And foster them. So that we remain competitive.
Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul

We seek to be inspirational. We love micro-tools. And have precision and quality in our blood. So that our products also inspire you.
Quality & Environment

Quality & Environment

Moreover, as one of the leading players in the sector ZECHA is aware of its unique economic and social responsibility and places great value in quality and environment.







ZECHA steht für Produkte, die höchsten Qualitätsanforderungen gerecht werden. Als akkreditiertes Unternehmen nach DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 ist das Qualitätsmanagement bei ZECHA in allen Abläufen fest verankert und sichert damit ein gleichbleibend hohes Qualitätsniveau.

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“Excellence, Integrity and Innovation.”

Dagger Master Tool Industries Limited started in 1979 in Aurangabad - India, by Mr. Vimal Nevatia, with the vision of indigenising micro tooling for the growing PCB industry in India. In the mid 1990’s under the guidance of Mr. Vidhu Nevatia the organisation shifted its focus towards metal cutting tools beginning with indigenisation of round tools for the watch industry and over the years became synonymous with quality and innovation.

This led to a cooperation with the company ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation in Germany from 1999. From 2019 the organisation has rebranded under the ZECHA brand and is now ZECHA PRECISION TOOLS LIMITED.






Cutting Tools

Blanking & Forming Tools


Successful work can only be achieved through good partnerships and networks. A superb exchange of knowledge and technology in our expert network means we can develop both as a company and also continually improve our tools and can provide our customers with the best possible solution. Among other, a strategic partnership with the blanking and shaping manufacturer MPK Special Tools GmbH based in Schwäbisch Gmünd offers optimum sales channels and a complementary production range.The two redundant production workshops ensure for our customers a high level of downtime protection, function and operational safety and in an emergency they can supplement or replace each other. Here you can find a few of the partners we have cooperated with at a wide range of Levels.

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Here you can find a selection of our completed Projects:


Gamma HSC

Einsatz geometrischer Fräswerkzeuge für das simultan 5-Achs-Hochgeschwindigkeitsfräsen



Innovative Prozesstechnologie für das Fräsen von Hartmetall


Kryogenes Fräsen

Den Verschleiß kaltgestellt - Titanzerspanung kryogene Kühlung Fräswerkzeuge, Verschleißminderung



Entwicklung innovativer Werkzeug- und Prozesstechnologien für das Maschinenintegrierte Oberflächenfinish komplexer 3D-Bauteile