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History & Milestones

Since its foundation, ZECHA has remained true to its own core competencies and has constantly developed and optimized itself.

  • Production of PCB Drills commenced with 5000 sq. feet & 15 people

  • Installed first CNC Grinder

  • Converted fully to metal cutting tools.

  • Indo German Cooperation with ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation

  • Installed first 6-axis Grinder

  • Completed expansion to 20,000 sq. ft and 70 people

  • Started trading of Machine tool accessories from Swiss and German
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  • Started second production unit in Shendra, Aurangabad

  • Introduced the new Brand with 34 Years experience.
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  • Installed Saacke UW1F & Zoller Extended Range to Ø16mm. Capacity expansion over size range by another 25%

  • Number of employees 120.

  • Introduction of our highest precision milling tools for the processing of graphite, copper and other hard material as well as 100% end control and inscribing of all tools with a life-long number in India.

  • Dagger Master renamed to Zecha Precision Tools Limited.