ZECHA is expanding: ZECHA PRECISION TOOLS LIMITED as new sales and production site in India

For 55 years ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH has been synonymous for precision and quality in micro-machining, blanking and forming tools spanning a vast range of sectors.

The objective has always been clearly defined: The provision of the best possible customer solutions - for every application, every material and however small the scale.
In order to be able to ensure a swift and flexible supply of high quality tool solutions to customers worldwide, ZECHA relies on maximum customer proximity and an extremely close cooperation with reliable partners.

ZECHA PRECISION TOOLS LIMITED ensures that ZECHA is suitably represented in the Asian region.

The move is an important strategic step in the expansion of the Asian market. ZECHA has operated an Indian-German joint venture with ZECHA PRECISION TOOLS LIMITED (formerly Dagger Master Tools Limited), since 1999. It has allowed ZECHA to provide a professional contact point for customers and their current needs for high quality tool solutions. ZECHA has established its extremely high production and quality standards on site, which is why the renaming of the company into ZECHA PRECISION TOOLS LIMITED on 24th April 2019 was the next logical step in the successful partnership.

ZECHA PRECISION TOOLS LIMITED has been successfully manufacturing high quality solid carbide microtools since 1980 and also represents leading Swiss and German precision machine and accessory brands in India. The tool range consisting of catalogue products and individual tool solutions fulfils the highest demands for precision, geometric accuracy, quality and process capability.

This step entails no change in the provision of ZECHA tools for our existing partners and customers. On the contrary, the technical capabilities of the two companies are already very high and a strategic partnership creates an ideal synergy that will facilitate the development and production of innovative tool technologies. Regional sales and production competences enable an optimum supply of individual and high quality tool solutions virtually anywhere.

We thank you for your confidence in us and look forward to further successful cooperation!

Figure 1: Reiner Kirschner, Vidhu Nevatia and Stefan Zecha jointly manage the Indian-German joint venture.

Figure 2: ZECHA has established all the production and quality standards at ZECHA PRECISION TOOLS LIMITED.

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