TURBO LINE – Perfect team for effortlessly plumbing the depths

It is precisely minute drilling diameters that call for high precision tools which can deliver the low tolerances required.

The ZECHA range for deep drilling operations consists of high performance micro pilot drills in the series 612 and 613 as well as the new high precision 635A series twist drill with internal cooling. The tool concept enables deep drilling with superb surface quality from a diameter of 1.0 mm and up to a length of 15 x d. The new 635A series boasts a special chipping groove geometry with opened chipping spaces offset to the rear. Along with the polished flutes they guarantee an optimum chip removal - even when the complete depth is being drilled in one operation. On account of their self-centring capacity the tools can also be employed on flat surfaces without piloting. The optimum facing geometry with run-in phase as well as the reinforced, negative X drill point ensure high cutting stability. To manufacture the innovative IC drills ZECHA has employed a new tungsten carbide type that offers the highest quality as regards structure, hardness and breaking strength. The very smooth droplet-free WAD head coating with high coating hardness and coating adherence as well as optimum sliding properties mean that the drills are provided with the highest level of toughness and resistance.

The new IC drills are available in three versions. The short version 3 x d is available from diameters of 1.5 mm to 3.0 mm. It can have a point angle of 142° and can therefore also be used as a pilot drill. The other versions 8 x d and 15 x d are particularly well suited as deep hole drills for mass produced part manufacture. These come with a diameter of between 1.0 mm and 4.0 mm and a point angle of 140°. The series 635A drills are also available with power chambers if requested.

The interplay of the special properties makes the new IK 635A drill series an excellent choice for the processing of treated and tool steels, non-rusting steels, non-ferrous and heavy metals.


635A.190.08 Bild 1

Figure 1: Frontal view with X drill point of the Series 635 A drill


635A.190.08 Bild 2

Figure 2: Special groove geometry with opened chip chambers offset to the rearild

IK Bohrer 8 2018 grau low

Figure 3: Turbo Line with the new high precision IK Series 635A drill

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